Optional secure connection for smartphone digiscoping

Our smartphone adapter rings are designed to firmly push on to Kowa eyepieces which is fine for most users - but if you’re looking for a secure screw connection - here is a useful tip.

If you spend a lot of time out in the field digiscoping with your smart phone - and particularly if you are moving from location to location - you may prefer a secure screw fit to lock your Kowa smart phone adapter on to your Kowa eyepiece. This can be particularly useful if you are carrying your scope around and you tend to leave your smartphone adapter on the eyepiece. Our standard push on rings are a firm fit - but there is an option to lock your adapter to the eyepiece.

If you are a TSN-880/770 user then you need the TSN-DA10 adapter combined with a Kowa TSN-AR30 adapter ring,
If you are a TSN-660M/600/82SV user then you need the TSN-DA20 adapter combined with a Kowa TSN-AR30 adapter ring,

For this method you can simply unscrew the eyepiece eye-relief cap - then screw on the DA10/20 adapter with the TSN-A30 ring attached - the TSN-A30 ring has a 30mm thread which then means you can connect any of our smartphone adapters for a secure lock tight connection.

Watch this video below to see how: