TSN-PA7A tip for fast shutter speed

Sometimes beginners using the TSN-PA7A digiscoping adapter will complain of blurred images - this is usually the reason:

One of the major factures that causes a blurred image when digiscoping is usually due to not having a fast enough shutter speed to freeze any motion.

When you digiscope with the Kowa TSN-PA7A the minimum focal length you can expect is 1000mm - this is extreme telephoto power and it requires special treatment in your camera.

Any small motion/movement/camera shake is massively magnified at these extreme focal lengths and if your shutter speed os not fast enough your image may well be blurred.

To combat this - try setting your camera to Aperture Priority Mode, because there are no electronics communicating between scope and camera body the aperture will usually read as "0".

Firstly ensure you are using a tripod head with a good fluid head to increase stability.
Set the eyepiece to the widest setting (minimum zoom) This will allow maximum light in to the scope and camera. To set a fast shutter speed - increase the ISO settings on your camera - the higher the ISO the more sensitive to light your camera sensor is. Increase the ISO until the shutter speed is at least 1/500 or higher if you can - this will help to freeze any motion from yourself operating the scope and camera and also the subject your are photographing.

Some cameras have better ISO performance than others - for example full frame cameras with large sensors usually have high ISO performance.
Remember - the higher you increase the ISO - the more grainy (noise) the image will look - try and find a balance that your camera performs best at.
Environmental factors such as light levels will also play a big part on the shutter speed. If the weather is dull and low light - the higher you will need to push your ISO on the camera.