André Julinder

André Julinderis is 26 and lives in the southeast corner of Sweden, in a little province called Blekinge. He has a big interest in bird watching since he was 10 years old, and after he graduated school he has been working as a ringer at Falsterbo Bird Observatory for several years.

His favourite part of bird watching is to study the stunning migration in spring and autumn, and through the migration he came across wonderful spots all around Europe.

Photography is another big passion of  André's and since he started as an ambassador for Kowa his interest in producing wildlife videos has grown heavily!

André works at the Citizens office at the local Municipality in my hometown Sölvesborg.

When André Julinderis is out birding or producing videos of wildlife he simply requires the best optical quality for handling all the tough situations like low light, great observation distance or hard backlight. By using Kowa he will never have to worry about any of this which is just amazing!

Favourite Kowa product:
André;s absolute favourite Kowa product is beyond doubt the TSN-883 Prominar Spotting scope! It´s one of the best produced spotting scopes of all time. The extreme sharpness and the beautiful warm colours it brings still amazes him even after he has been using it for almost a year. The rather compact size makes it well suitable for travelling which fits just perfect. Combined with the TSN DA10-adapter he can get very good video quality at extreme focal lengths, something that’s otherwise impossible without paying a fortune of money!

Special projects:
André is involved with the regional report committee (Rrk Blekinge), in his province since 2009. They mainly work with collecting and publishing data on valuable bird observations that includes both endangered and (for the province), rare species.
In the fall of 2017 he participated in the Youth exchange-project between Falsterbo Bird Observatory, Spurn Bird Observatory and Cape May Bird Observatory. As a representative from Falsterbo he stayed at Spurn for two weeks and got to experience their work methods which were very interesting.



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