Axel Förster

Photography is capturing the light.

And to do this you just need the right tools. This simple truth is leading to a lot of discussions around the right equipement and fitting or best cameras and lenses. I was born and grew up in the countryside of Germany: allways running around in nature - exploring, observing, collecting and day by day fascinated by all the wonders around there. At he age of 11 my father gave me an old box-camera and so I started photography from it´s real roots - measuring the light with a external lightmeter and putting all the settings one by one to this two-eyed cube, trying to get a sharp and right exposured image from this and that around me. So I learned step by step about capturing the light and it became my biggest passion throughout all the years that followed.

Due to my intensive connection with nature I studied Biology later on and got even more background about lots of things out in nature - up to the fact that there are even more aspects of light as we normally imagine as well in daily life as in daily photography. Curisosity and the impulse to explore together with all this background brought me to my nowadays life as a guide for nature expeditions, hiking tours and things like that all around the globe. For those activities a smart and compact equipement is the best companion - so I finally came to the Micro Four Thirds system and first discovered KOWA as a producer of really great wide angle lenses for this system. That they´re doing also an absolutely amazing job with their tele-lens I found out when I followed the track of the brand a little bit more. It´s amazing what you can do with this high quality lenses and what I´m doing with KOWA´s different tools to capture the light I´ll present you step by step on this platform.

There are a lot of things I´m working on - and my idea is to add one theme-block after the other to your web presentation. Starting with some pictures of polar light taken with the Prominars 2.8/8.5mm and 1.8/12mm,

Sometimes it´s better to have a fine build mechanic focus lens available instead of an all-automatic-autofocus-tech-monster. So in a couple of wide angle situations as well as lots of macro and extreme tele situations. As an example I often found it nearly impossible at least very uncomfortable to focus exactly on nightly dancing polar lights with a modern high tech AF lens. Cause I came to KOWA first due to their mechanical and optical great wide angle lenses I first show you how I use the Prominars 2.8/8.5mm and the fantastic 1.8/12mm as a tool to collect some of this special form of light in a surrounding of different other light situations