Kowa PROMINAR Telephoto Lens

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Please note: The master lens unit requires an additional focal length adapter in order to...more
Product Information Kowa PROMINAR Telephoto Lens

Please note: The master lens unit requires an additional focal length adapter in order to operate (sold seperately)

A unique and innovative product designed to meet the huge challenges associated with telephoto photography. A truly compact, flexible and ultra portable telephoto lens/spotting scope system that does not compromise on optical quality. As with all Kowa optics, the telephoto lens/scope delivers simply stunning images made possible by a pure fluorite crystal lens and two XD extra low dispersion lenses producing the highest levels of sharpness and contrast. Enhanced dust and weatherproofing ensures guaranteed performance in the toughest of environments.

Responsive dual manual focus puts you in control
The lens/scope unit features dual, manual focus rings, incorporating quick and ultra fine focus options. You are in full control of focussing. No more frustrating auto-focus hunting. The decision is yours, quickly and accurately focus on even the most challenging of subjects.

Unsurpassed flexibility - One lens - three focal lengths
The Kowa telephoto lens is designed to meet the demanding needs of the telephoto photographer, featuring a unique, interchangeable focal length adapter system. Along with the standard 500mm f5.6, you may choose the bright 350mm f4 or for even greater telephoto work, the 850mm f9.6 adapter. Featuring XD lenses, the 350mm and 850mm adapters deliver a level of sharpness worthy of the master lens. All three quickly and securely attach to the main lens unit and your camera body in seconds.

Supported mounts: Nikon mount, Canon mount, Pentax mount, Micro Four Thirds mount, Sony “A” mount*

Two products in one
No more agonising choices of what gear to leave behind - by attaching the optional bayonet fit TP-88EC1 prism unit, you can quickly transform the telephoto lens in to a spotting scope of the highest quality. The Prism unit is built to accept Kowa’s range of exceptional eyepieces* and when combined with the pure fluorite crystal master lens, they deliver an image of outstanding detail and contrast.

Compact & portable
For the photographer on the move, the Kowa telephoto lens offers an outstanding level of portability. By removing the lens hood and focal length adapter, the lens measures a mere 250mm (9.8”) in length. The design of the Kowa telephoto lens/scope system delivers unrivalled levels of transportability. Three telephoto lenses ranging from 350mm, 500mm to 850mm and a spotting scopecan be carried in one small backpack. It’s the perfect travel companion and first choice for telephoto expeditions. Travel by air, land or sea - wherever your destination. Out in the field, the Kowa telephoto lens weighs in at just 1.9KG*. It’s a fraction of the size and weight of other high-end lenses with similar focal lengths and optical quality.

Technical details

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  • Pure fluorite crystal master lens
  • Lens Hood
  • Objective Cap
  • Instruction manual