Digiscoping Essentials
Embark on your digiscoping journey with confidence! Our digiscoping basics guide equips you with essential tips, tricks and inspiration to kickstart your journey.

4 reasons to start digiscoping

Capture stunning nature & wildlife photos and videos effortlessly.

1. No need to carry much more.

If you're observing nature through a scope or binoculars, you likely already
have your phone with you. No need to carry a bulky camera and lens.

2. Closer to nature.

Utilizing the enhanced magnification of the spotting scope or binoculars, as opposed
to relying on the smartphone camera's digital zoom, allows you to capture significantly
closer views and higher-quality images without disturbing the subject by getting too close.

3. Click & go.

Kowa provides the simplest and most user-friendly adapters, requiring no setup time —
simply click your phone into place and attach it to the scope or binoculars for instant
nature photography enjoyment!

4. Universal & dedicated options.

Explore a selection of over 100 smartphone adapters, compatible with the latest
smartphones for your convenience.

Smart digiscoping...

Here are few insider tips from our digiscoping experts to get you started on the road to succesful digiscoping

Resources to get you started.

Just starting digiscoping? Once you'll start, there's no going back... Follow our digiscoping playlist to get inspired and start with the basics!

Digiscoping experts

Many of our ambassadors are digiscoping enthusiasts and a great source of inspiration.

Paul Hackett

Paul has been digiscoping before it was even a thing, since 1998! He masters both techniques, DSLR and smartphone digiscoping and is widely accepted as one of the UK’s leading bird digiscopers.

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Martin Thomas

A lover of owls, he uses his Kowa scope to digiscope them in low light conditions. He can also be found spotting snow leopards in Himalaya, vultures in the Balkans or eagles and wolves worldwide.

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Simon Brumby

The master of video. He creates stunning nature films, painstakingly edited to create immersive stories of the natural world. Based in the Netherlands, Simon's video rig includes the TSN-99 and Kowa telephoto lens.


Digiscoping Adapter Finder

Looking for the adapter that will suit your optic and smartphone? Try our Digiscoping Adapter Finder tool. Discover the perfect adapter for your setup and unleash the full potential of your optics with ease and precision.