1.6x extender for TSN-99/88/66 spotting scopes compatiable with the following eyepieces:
TE-11WZ, TE-80XW, TE-10Z, TE-17W, TE-20H

The Kowa TSN-EX16 increases the magnification of the current Kowa TSN-99/88/66 spotting scopes by 1.6x when combined with the original eye-piece.
Kowa optical technology and superior lens coatings deliver superb optical performance with less than 5% light loss even at high magnifications.

Perfect for long range observation and digiscoping for both terrestrial and astronomical subjects.

The high quality engineered TSN-EX16 is easily mounted on the accessory thread of the Kowa TSN-99/88/66 scopes between scope body & eyepiece. The styling perfectly complements the spotting scope body.

The TSN-EX16 features a bayonet mount for Kowa compatible eyepieces. (see chart opposite).The TSN-EX16 can be used on angled and straight spotting scopes from the Kowa TSN-99/88/66 series.

The TSN-EX16 1.6x Extender is fully compatible with a range of Kowa digiscoping adapters. Incredible telephoto power far beyond any conventional photography system and much more compact.

Kowa System Infos
What's in the box & Warranty
  • TSN-EX16 1.6x extender
  • Protection caps
  • Instruction manual

This product is covered by our standard Kowa 2 Year Warranty.
Accessory Items

Accessory Items

Kowa TE-11WZ II 25-60x / 30-70x Wide Zoom Eyepiece
KOWA TE-11WZ II 25-60X / 30-70x wide zoom for TSN-99/88/66 spotting scopes. A first for any KOWA eyepiece, the optical construction of the TE-11WZ II contains 2XD-lenses.Images are delivered with outstanding sharpness even at 60X / 70X magnification.Chromatic aberration is limited at the highest level. Eye relief of 17mm remains constant throughout the magnification range. The TE-11WZ II delivers a 20% wider field of view than the previous model (TE-10Z) 25-60x when paired with TSN-88 / TSN-880 / TSN-770 / TSN-66 series30-70x when paired with TSN-99 series Suitable for the following Kowa spotting scopes:TSN -771*, TSN-772*, TSN-773, TSN-774, TSN-66A, TSN-66S, TSN-881*, TSN-882*, TSN-883, TSN-884, TSN-88A, TSN-88S, TSN-99A, TSN-99S, Telephoto lens** * Product no longer available** Requires TP-88EC1 prism adapter Specification below is for TSN-880 / 99 series. Spec changes dependent on spotting scope body.

Kowa TE-80XW Extreme Wide Eyepiece
KOWA TE-80XW Extreme wide eyepiece 80 degree extreme wide angle eyepiece - See more. Immerse yourself into the scene with a 40x magnification and a field of view of 39m (TSN-99) or with a 35x magnification and a field of view of 45m (TSN-88/880/770/66) at 1000m distance. Find a subject quicker with a wider view of your surroundings. 40x fixed magnification (TSN-99 PROMINAR SERIES)35x fixed magnification (TSN-88 / 880 / 770 / 66 PROMINAR SERIES) A true optical innovation. Kowa engineers have developed one of the most immersive visual experiences you can expect to see in a sporting optic device. Featuring an advanced optical design, the view through Kowa TE-80XW Extreme wide angle eyepiece can only be described as breath-taking. Incorporating a field flattener and XD lens to produce a view that is completely uniform and ultra sharp across the entire image and virtually zero chromatic aberration. Compatible with Kowa TSN-99 / TSN-88 / TSN-880 / TSN-770 / TSN-66 series spotting scopes Fully waterproof and sealed against the elements. Additional KR coating applied to the lens to actively reduce the build up of dust, dirt and other particles. Digiscoping game-changer - enjoy vignette free, ultra sharp images. 100% compatible with Kowa SYSTEM accessories including the TSN-EX16 1.6x extender for magnification up to 64x when paired with TSN-99 series and 56x with TSN 88/880/770/66 series.  


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