Adriaan Sleeuwenhoek

From Adriaan:

For me birdwatching started when I was a little boy. It were the late eighties. My dad was a birder and he took me with him on trips all over Holland. With sightings of a Spoonbill, Long-tailed Ducks and Bald Eagles the birdwatchingvirus got me and it never went away.

Since 2018 I'm a professional birdtourguide. As a tourguide I want my customers to have the best experience. That's why I did a thorough search for top quality equipment. When I took a look through the KOWA spotting scopes and binoculars I was a KOWA-fan immediately. My clients are always blown away when they watch a Black Woodpecker or Stone Chat in all its glory with the KOWA spotting scope.

Because The Netherlands is an important part of the East Atlantic Flyway it's a birdwatchers hotspot. Having the best equipment makes the experience even better. Spotting groups of waders or geese through my Genesis Prominar XD44 or watching a pair Wrynecks (my absolute favorite bird) from a distance at their a nest with my KOWA spotting scope is phenomenal. Take a look through a KOWA spotting scope or binocular and you won't want something else.