Kowa Helps Protect the stunning Red-footed falcon!


The red-footed falcon (Falco vespertinus) is a captivating bird species known for its stunning appearance and remarkable migration patterns. With a sleek body and striking red feet, this small falcon species is a true marvel of nature. During the breeding season, they can be found in the grasslands and agricultural areas of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. However, what truly sets the red-footed falcon apart is its incredible migratory journey. As autumn approaches, these agile birds embark on a remarkable migration that takes them across vast distances, spanning thousands of kilometers. They leave their breeding grounds and make an arduous journey, crossing continents and overcoming various obstacles such as deserts, mountains, and vast bodies of water. They traverse the Middle East and Africa, reaching their wintering grounds in southern and eastern Africa, where they spend the colder months in search of food. This journey showcases the red-footed falcon's incredible endurance and navigational abilities. In the spring, they undertake the awe-inspiring return journey, navigating their way back to their breeding grounds to continue the cycle of life. The migration of the red-footed falcon is a testament to the marvels of avian navigation and the indomitable spirit of these remarkable creatures.


Falcons spend the night together in big communal roost sites. The team of falcoproject.eu, after 10 years of unsuccessful searching in Africa, recently went on an expedition to Angola where they discovered the world’s biggest raptor roost site.The number of birds might be up to 1 million in a single roost site, and this incredibly high concentrations can make them very vulnerable to threats.

The red-footed falcon is unfortunately facing a significant threat in Angola, where it is being harvested for bush meat. The practice of hunting and capturing these falcons for consumption has emerged as a concerning issue, driven by various factors. The demand for bush meat, driven by cultural practices and economic circumstances, has resulted in the targeting of these beautiful birds. Red-footed falcons are highly valued for their meat and are often captured during their migratory journeys as they pass through Angola. This unsustainable harvesting poses a grave danger to the falcon population, as it disrupts their natural migration patterns and reduces their numbers.


The volunteers at Falcoproject.eu are working hard to to raise awareness and educating about the importance of protecting these birds in an attemt to introduce regulations against hunting, and provide alternative livelihood options for local communities to reduce reliance on bush meat. The survival of the red-footed falcon in Angola depends on collective efforts to combat the illegal harvest and ensure their long-term conservation.

Kowa sporting optics is very happy to be the official sponsor of this invaluable conservation project to help educate and protect this beautiful bird. Kowa has donated a TSN-88 PROMINAR spotting scope including equipment for digiscoping with smartphones to assist the Falcoproject.eu team.


The TSN-88 PROMINAR is the perfect observation tool, giving the team super clear views of the roost in all conditions, even at low light to assist them in their monitoring work. It was especially useful for digiscoping – the team could record videos of roosting falcons, helping them to answer one of the main scientific questions: how many falcons are actually at the World largest raptor roosting place and just how vunerable are these falcons?

The project attracted a lot of media attention, particulalry in Hungary. Visit their website for additional information: FALCOPROJECT.EU