Kowa & @fire: Acting Together during Natural Disasters


Kowa has supported the non-profit aid organisation @fire internationaler Katastrophenschutz Deutschland e.V. by donating five BD II 6.5x32 XD and SV II 10x50 binoculars.
Since 2002, @fire has been providing aid worldwide in the event of natural disasters, especially earthquakes and forest fires. Thanks to their quick action, they were able to rescue five people, including two children, alive from the earthquake in Turkey, for example. The helpers of @fire are specially trained to fight forest fires (WFF) and to search and rescue people trapped after earthquakes (USAR). The organisation has more than 400 volunteer members who are involved in national and international disaster relief.


To improve their operational capabilities and expand their resources, @fire asked Kowa for support. The donation of high-quality binoculars will help @fire optimise their equipment and continue their humanitarian efforts. These are especially helpful when scouting for forest fires or other natural disasters. Kowa is proud to contribute to international disaster management and help people in need!

Would you also like to support @fire? Every donation or sustaining membership can have a big impact.