Kowa TSN-DA4 Digiscoping Adapter

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  • Digiscopy swivel adapter for use with compact digital cameras
  • For use with the TSN-99/880/770 series spotting scopes, you still need the TSN-DA10
  • For use on the TSN-660/600/550 series spotting scopes and the TSN-82SV, you will also need the TSN-DA20
  • Max. Zoom range of the camera 3-5x optical zoom
  • Cable release included for minimal shaking
NOTE: Requires additional TSN-DA10 adapter to connect to TSN-99, TSN-880 and TSN-770 series...more
Product Information Kowa TSN-DA4 Digiscoping Adapter

NOTE: Requires additional TSN-DA10 adapter to connect to TSN-99, TSN-880 and TSN-770 series spotting scopes.
NOTE: Requires additional TSN-DA1 adapter to connect to TSN-660M/600/82SV series spotting scopes.

Unleash the telephoto power of your Kowa spotting scope by adding the TSN-DA4 compact camera digiscoping adapter. After just a few moments of alignment between scope and camera, your digital compact can be used to take high quality, super telephoto images or video. By utilising the large bright objective lens of your Kowa spotting scope combined with the magnification of your Kowa eyepiece, not only can you achieve telephoto power unmatched by any conventional camera lens, the set-up is lighter and far more compact.

The TSN DA4 attaches securely to your Kowa spotting scope eyepiece by simply unscrewing the eye-relief cap, allowing you to attach either the TSN-DA10 collar (TSN-99/880/770 series spotting scopes), or the TSN-DA1A collar (TSN-660/600/82SV spotting scopes). The DA4 slides over the collar and is fixed by a tightening screw to lock it into place.

This versatile adapter will accommodate the majority of digital compact cameras via the tripod thread. Horizontal and height adjustments can be made to perfectly align your camera with the eyepiece, as well as a built-in fully adjustable mechanical shutter release cable.

The DA4 features a swivel design which means you can easily rotate your digital camera away from the eyepiece to use the scope for normal viewing, then rotate back into place to take a photograph or record video.

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  • TSN-DA4 digiscoping adapter
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