Champions of the Flyway with the "Women in Steppe" Webinar

The race itself is a friendly competition where the birders try to record as many bird species as possible in 24 hours in the predetermined playing field in Israel's Negev Desert region, but the real goal of the event is to raise money and global awareness for bird conservation causes faced along the largest bird migration corridors in the planet. The Kowa sponsored "Women in Steppe" team was going to be the first all female team to participate as an International team, before the event was cancelled due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. Despite not being able to travel to Israel, the Women in Steppe team won every award in 2020's ceremony raising by far the most money for bird conservation and doing the most to spread the word of the 2020 conservation cause, Steppe Eagles. Join us this weekend to learn more about the miraculous migrations that occur over Israel (the world's second busiest migration corridor) , about the event, about Steppe Eagle conservation & the Women in Steppe themselves!

Watch the webinar here: