The Ultimate Christmas Gift List for Birders


Outdoor gear

1. An avid birder will want to keep notes about when they saw a particular bird or animal. A note book to keep track of observations is a great stocking filler.


2. A must-have on outdoorsy adventures - a spotting scope! The perfect tool to see nature up close. Spotting scopes offer high magnification to observe nature without disturbing it. But remember, carrying a spotting scope is more bulky than binoculars and suits more static observation. Also - you pay the price for high quality. But as thousands of Kowa customers can say: it is absolutely worth it! If you're looking for a more affordable option, check out our compact TSN-500 series.



3. If the spotting scope exceeds your budget, a pair of binoculars is a very nice alternative for anyone that has started recently with birding or wants to upgrade to a better model. Binoculars are less powerful than spotting scopes but are a great tool for locating and observing nature on the move.


4. Is the birder in question still taking pictures with his camera? That is very old school, time for quick & pixel perfect pictures with the smartphone! A universal smartphone adapter is the perfect gift for any birder who wants to get started with digiscoping. If you know the smartphone model, a dedicated adapter is probably to easiest solution. If you want to make sure the adapter will fit, then an universal one is the best choice for flexibility.


5. Your birder already has a scope, but is still carrying it in a backpack? A high-quality scope case to protect it from dust, rain and shocks is a must-have to ensure longevity.


6. If your birder is using a scope, then a tripod is an essentail bit of kit to control the high magnification power. For birding, a pan/tilt video head with a smooth motion delivers the best viewing experience.


7. Birding can be seen as fitness (in our opinion!) Standing and walking for hours can be tiring - a foldable and easily carrible sitting mat might look simple, but is so useful.


8. A cap is a must-have for any birder as it is important to protect eyes from the sunlight – needless to say it is also more convenient.

9. Sometimes, the weather can be unpredictable – and more than once, your birder runs into the danger of being caught in the rain. Why not treat them to a rain jacket?



10. Is your birder a proud one? Then they will love making their hobby or passion official with a T-shirt with a bird motive!


11. Stay hydrated – that motto is very true when it comes to spending several hours outdoors. A bird-themed water bottle helps your birder last longer outdoors.


12. Using his smartphone for digiscoping outdoors, it can quickly become dirty. A smartphone cover is necessary but can also be an optic highlight!


13. You can never go wrong with a classic. Everybody needs socks! Let's forget about the ugly socks we have all received at leasat once at Christmas... and go for pretty bird-themed ones instead!




14. Any tea or coffee lover needs it – a mug. There are so many options around, but if we would have to choose, we'd go for this one!



15. How to start the new year with style... No, not with a fancy New Year's Eve party, but with a calender! A pretty and useful wall ornament. There are many bird-themed ones around, so it won't be easy choosing!

16. For those extreme rainy and cold days when a day of birding is out of the question, even a birder needs a break. A puzzle keeps your birder occupied for hours (if you choose a puzzle difficult enough!)


17. Also suitable for rainy days, a good book can save the day. There is plenty of choice regarding birding books, but we have this recommendation to give if your birder doesn't already own this book.


18. Your birder has some space to spare on their wall? We have many posters hanging in our homes, and very visual ones are those with bird identifications.


For the garden

19. Does your birder has a garden? Then you can't go wrong with a bird bath. Another advantage is that birding will be on their doorstep and much more convenient when birds are visiting the garden!


20. If you are looking for something original, how about a DIY bird feeder? People love getting self-made gifts. Here are some ideas to get started!



21. A bird house is the best way to help birds with their nesting, as well as protecting them from the elements and possible predators. Did you know that above all, they can be super cute too? Bird houses can be real eye-catchers!


22. Depending on where your birder lives, taking them on a bird watching tour is a great way to help them expand their knowledge.


23. What could be better than connecting with fellow birders from around the world? There are many bird fairs and shows worth visiting! By the way, meet the Kowa team and learn more about our products on fairs such as the Global Bird Fair in the UK and the Bird Show in Falsterbo.


24. Your birder already has pretty much everything listed? Then how about a symbolic gift which will not only please them, but also the birds?
Let him adopt a bird! There many organizations that offer this, such as the Wildlife Trusts, or Aviary.

25. Or offer him a membership to a local birding club!