Dedicated Smartphone Adapters
Our range of dedicated smartphone adapters are the quickest and most simple method of connecting your smartphone to scope. If you don't change your smartphone regularly and want super fast, convenient digiscoping -this is the adapter for you!

Smartphone Digiscoping made easy.

Our tough dedicated smartphone adapters offer a simple and secure connection to a Kowa spotting scope. If you're looking for a simple, no fuss solution to capture fantastic images with your scope and phone then look no further. We have a huge range of adapters to fit specific smart phone models. Just press your phone in to the perfectly fitting case and push on to the scope - it's that simple. Our dedicated adapter models are unique to each phone model to ensure a comfortable fit. We have a large selection of TSN-RP adapters for many popular smartphone models, if your phone is not mentioned, don't worry -  check out our special order options, where we have a huge number of cases that can be ordered on demand at no extra cost - we've got you covered! 

TSN-RP Series - rugged protection

Introducing our smartphone digiscoping adapter range, boasting extra rugged build quality. Compatible with a wide array of smartphone models from leading manufacturers.


SA Series - made to order

For a personalized solution, inquire about individual non-Kowa branded adapters available for special order.



Digiscoping Adapter Finder

Looking for the adapter that will suit your optic and smartphone? Try our Digiscoping Adapter Finder tool. Discover the perfect adapter for your setup and unleash the full potential of your optics with ease and precision.