iPhone digiscoping focussing tip

A quick tip on how to focus faster and more accurately when digiscoping with your iPhone.

Here's a quick tip when digiscoping with your iPhone - when you digiscope, you need to control the focus manually using the focus wheel on the scope. The iPhone will also try to focus at the same time - this can be confusing, take up valuable time and often result in a blurred image because you are trying to focus with the scope and the iphone is also trying to autofocus at the same time. 

To combat this - simply press and hold your finger on the screen in the iPhone photo app - this will lock the focus and the exposure, you will see a confirmation on the screen saying "AE/AF LOCK" you are then free to manually focus the scope using the scope focus wheel, when the image is sharp on the screen - take the shot. Once you have locked the focus and exposure - you can aslo slide your finger up and down to brighten or darken the image until the expore looks correct.

Practice makes perfect - give it a try in your garden on a static object before heading out in the field.