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Smartphone adapter for iPhone 7, 8 and SE (2nd Gen) models.   This adapter includes...more
Product Information TSN-IP7

Smartphone adapter for iPhone 7, 8 and SE (2nd Gen) models.

 This adapter includes the following adapter rings:

TSN-AR YS Adapter ring for:
 Kowa YF and SVII /  SV 32/42/50 biinoculars.

TSN-AR11WZ Adapter ring for:
TE-11WZ 25-60x WW -Zoom for TSN-880/770
TE-10Z 20-60x Zoom for TSN-880/770
TE-17W 30x WW for TSN-880/770


Transform your into a super telephoto lens. Now you can combine the high quality camera and HD video functions of your iPhone with the power and quality of a spotting scope or binocular to create an ultra compact, high quality super telephoto lens. The iPhone adapter marks a true innovation in the world of digiscoping and opens up this once expensive and technical hobby, to even the most basic and inexperienced user. With ease the adapter allows you to maximise the high photographic qualities of your iPhone’s camera with the super optical zoom power of a scope or binocular. The results are truly spectacular!

It couldn’t be simpler to start taking magnified images or HD video with your iPhone and optical equipment via the Kowa digiscoping adapter. Simply slot your iPhone into the holder and screw on the appropriate adapter ring - that’s all there is to it - then push the adapter over the eyepiece of your spotting scope and you’re ready to digiscope - the whole process takes seconds. The iPhone is a great way to digiscope - the large highly detailed screen is perfect for composing your image. You can also use your headphones as a remote shutter release for hands free operation (iOS5 operating system required). Thanks to the connectivity of the iPhone, you can quickly upload and share your unique and high quality images with friends, family and the rest of the world online!

Technical details

Binocular: 21x High Lander, 32x High Lander, 50x High Lander, BD 25, BD 32 XD, BD 42 XD, BD 56-8XD, BD 56-10/12XD, BDII 32 XD, BDII 42 XD, GENESIS PROMINAR 22, GENESIS PROMINAR 33, GENESIS PROMINAR 44, SV32, SV42, SV50, SVII 32, SVII 42, SVII 50, YF30, YFII 30
Spotting scope / eyepiece: TE-10Z 20-60x zoom (TSN-99/880/770), TE-11WZ 25-60x wide zoom (TSN-99/88/880/770/66), TE-17W 30x wide (TSN-99/880/770), TSE-7Z 20-60x zoom (TSN-820/820M), TSE-9WD 45x wide (TSN-660M/600/82SV), TSE-9Z 20-60x zoom (TSN-660M/600/82SV), TSE-14WD (30x wide), TSE-14WD 30x wide (TSN-660M/600/82SV), TSE-14WE 30x wide (TSN-820/820M), TSE-21WD 20x wide (TSN-660M/600/82SV), TSE-21WE 21x wide (TSN-820/820M), TSN-500 spotting scope (serial number 568106 onwards), TSN-500 spotting scope (serial number up to 568105), TSN-550 spotting scope

This product is covered by a standard 2 year guarantee.

  • Adapter
  • Lanyard
  • Instruction manual