Perfect partners - Kowa teams up with the Birders show to make birding more accessible to all!

The Birders Show is a YouTube series for people who love bird watching, nature, travel, and adventure. Devout birder Chris Bell and celebrity Biologist Diego Calderón-Franco are friends who explore the birding passion with extraordinary guests from around the world.

Their quest? To make the world of birding accessible to everyone!

Kowa’s support of The Birders Show will enable the team to film a new season of The Birders Show with episodes based in some of the world’s most spectacular birding destinations.

Furthermore, the partnership with Kowa will help support the Birders Team mission of providing quality optics to aspiring birders and guides in regions with high barriers to access by donating Kowa binoculars to the cause.

Kowa could not be happier to be teaming up with The Birders show. Both organisations share a passion for protecting the natural world and inspiring future generations to enjoy and experience nature in all it’s glory.

The first Kowa episode aired on 1st July 2022 and is full of exciting, engaging and inspirational birding content with some extra special moments captured on location. You can catch it on the Birders Show YouTube channel at:

Learn more about Kowa’s wide range of spotting scopes and binoculars at

About Kowa Sporting Optics:

Kowa Sporting Optics is part of Kowa Optronics Co.,Ltd., one of the largest privately own companies in Japan. From the invention of the original spotting scope in the 1950s, every decade has seen Kowa continue to innovate in the world of optical design & technology. This legacy continues today with a line-up of optics at the forefront of imaging excellence. With our pure fluorite crystal PROMINAR sporting optics and over 20 binocular models, Kowa continue to provide the ultimate viewing experience to nature lovers around the globe.

About The Birders Show

The Birders show is an engaging YouTube channel providing birding related content to a global audience produced by WhereNext - a creative agency and production company with offices in Bogotá, Colombia; Seattle, Washington; Valencia, Spain; and Mexico City, Mexico. They deliver projects worldwide that make people #feelsomething and are a globally-minded team with a mission of helping our clients shape a better world through the art of storytelling.