Kowa celebrates 125 years!

Since its foundation in 1894, Kowa was established first as a cotton wholesaler. 125 years later and Kowa is still owned by the same family. Now in the third generation, it has grown into one of the largest privately owned, multinational Japanese companies with over 3500 employees, actively engaged in various manufacturing and trading activities in the fields of pharmaceutical, life science, information technology, textiles, machinery and consumer products. Kowa offers products and services through 40 international business hubs around the world.

As a responsible manufacturer, Kowa leads the way by example throughout the manufacturing process of its products with a focus on environmental safety and energy conservation. In 1954, the optical division of Kowa was formed.

Kowa Optimed Deutschland GmbH, based in Dusseldorf – Germany, is responsible for sales and distribution in Europe for two Kowa optical product categories. Sporting Optics and CCTV and industrial lenses and Sporting optics.

Join us throughout our anniversary year as we host a variety of optical events on line and in association with our Kowa dealer network and partners, from competitions to special events.

 Kowa Sporting Optics Division has launched some very special strictly limited edition optics to celebrate this amazing achievement including Black editions of our most iconic fluorite crystal spotting scopes - the TSN-88 and TSn-553 - to find out more about these very exclusive items - search #kowa125 on our social media. You can also learn more about these exqusite optics here.